Web Development

A well maintained website can help you to gain a competitive advantages in your industry and improve your business image. Developing your website offers many benefits including helping you to get more leads and prospects,increase sales ,enhance your professional brand and improve your customer service.


Static Website

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor. Static sites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to create. Unlike dynamic websites, they do not require any Web programming or database design. A static site can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages and publishing them to a Web server.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic website is a collection of dynamic web pages whose content changes dynamically. It accesses content from a database or Content Management System (CMS). Therefore, when you alter or update the content of the database, the content of the website is also altered or updated.Dynamic website uses client-side scripting or server-side scripting, or both to generate dynamic content.Client side scripting generates content at the client computer on the basis of user input. The web browser downloads the web page from the server and processes the code within the page to render information to the user.A dynamic website contains information that changes, depending on the viewer, the time of the day, the time zone, the viewer's native language, and other factors.

E-Commerce Website

E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.The main purpose of e-commerce websites development is to sell products to users.The most successful websites are carefully optimized to achieve a high percentage of purchases.To achieve success e-commerce websites need to integrate all of the latest online closing & upsell techniques available which have been proven to increase the chances that a visitor will purchase.

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